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Windhaven Farm - Windhaven Farm

Exotic Fresh Meat


Since 2013

Since 2013

A Cut Above the Rest

Ready to add something new to the weekly menu rotation? Windhaven Farm has been providing the timeless classic, Rabbit, to dinner tables and restaurants in Northeastern Wisconsin since 2013. What started as a hobby rabbitry has expanded into a booming demand for rabbit meat that has delighted consumers for nearly 7 years. 

While we produce pasture-rotated, grass-fed, young rabbit, we have also set our sights on quail and goat meat for the near future. 

For now, our bread and butter is rabbits. We process rabbit for 8 months out of the year (let’s face it, there’s no grass in Wisonsin during the winter). 

So, if you’d like to reserve your rabbit for the next processing date, click here. 

Or if you’d like to be notified about future meat and poultry offerings, get on our waitlist!


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We’d love to be able to fulfill every order request we get, and even though our rabbits multiply like, well…you know, the quality of our meat, and the lives of our animals, are our top priorities.

Because of this, we only process once a month.

So reserve your processing date today!


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